From La Merced Church, 1½ blocks north - León, Nicaragua.
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Map & Directions

When coming from Managua:

Take the northwest road, better known as “Carretera Vieja a León”, following the road signs head to León City. The first thing you’ll see is the Jury House at left, a few meters later, you’ll see the UNO Gas Station, from there keep going straight forward until you see the next gas station (across the Graveyard). Turn right and keep going 10 blocks straight forward, you'd be going north (the 9th block would be the back of the Cathedral).

When getting to the 10th block corner turn left and go 2 blocks, you’ll be in the southwest corner of La Merced park, just next to La Merced church, turn right and go 1 and a half block, and you'll see our beautiful hotel on the right and our casino on the left. You may park at our private parking at the casino before heading to the hotel across the street.

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